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    Presenter, Personnel & Presenter Trainer
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Christine Haines
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I’m Christine Haines and I have been a member of Radio Mount Vernon for over 22 years. I joined hospital radio because I love music and also wanted to help, somehow, in the local community.

During my time here, I have collected requests, presented shows, helped with fundraising, met new friends and generally had a good time. Also, I met Ken, whom I later married—not unusual in hospital radio circles! We have a daughter, Suzy, who is now at Sixth Form College and working hard. In the past, I have been Secretary and Librarian, but currently, I am Presenter Trainer and also share Personnel Officer duties with Greg—we always need new members, so if you are reading this and thinking you might be interested, do email me (see below) because I’d love to hear from you!

I have presented all sorts of shows, playing musicals, pop, classical and religious music. Basically, if it has rhythm and is not out of tune I will want to play it. Right now, I usually present a Tuesday evening request show where the patients pick the music. I really enjoy that sort of show as I often get to hear music I wouldn’t otherwise choose, and I find myself saying “I remember that song—it is great to hear it again!” So please keep your requests coming in.