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Shiras Patel
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My name is Shiras Patel. Currently, I am away at University and studying, but I hope to return to Radio Mount Vernon during the holidays. I also do a variety of extra-curricular activities. I firstly play the violin, am at Grade 6, and play in two senior orchestras, performing at a variety of concerts. I am also part of many school productions, mainly the annual School Play and The Shakespeare School Play. I swim regularly and have achieved my bronze award.

My reason for wanting to volunteer at Radio Mount Vernon is that I wanted to work with the sound boards and to see how a radio station works. I also wanted to interact with patients as I am considering a career in medicine.

The aspect which I enjoy most is visiting patients on the wards. This is because it allows me to talk to them and to encourage them to listen to the radio. I particularly like listening to some of their experiences, as many of them have interesting and insightful things to share.

I have presented a handful of shows and look forward to presenting more on my return.