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In many ways, music has always been an important part of my life; I sang at school and played the guitar, then studied music at college before enjoying many years of teaching seven to twelve years olds about all kinds of music. Later I moved into Drug Education and sang in a Barbershop chorus. So many of my memories are linked to music!

I was delighted to find out about how I could help at Radio Mount Vernon as it combines meeting people and music, and I thought it sounded like fun. As we visit the wards to chat briefly with patients and talk with them about their choice of music, it feels right to help patients think about more than their health issues.

Then thereís the hunt for the chosen pieces of music in our library - an enjoyable challenge in good company!

I am a newcomer to the team, but I hope to go on sharing musical Thursday evenings for years to come. It's good to mix with others who enjoy music, and in the few months I have been involved Iíve had several lovely positive comments from patients - and I'm delighted by the pleasure that Radio Mount Vernon gives.

You may contact Jean using her email address: (Please click the three dots to reveal the address.)