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Having been involved in University Radio way back in the 1970s, I was attracted to Radio Mount Vernon in 1994 by an advertisement for an open evening. Over twenty years later and they’re still trying to get rid of me!!

I have had the privilege of presenting a variety of programmes, and it’s as much fun now as it was then. For twelve years I presented the Sunday afternoon sports show, and for the past eight I have presented a ‘guess the year’ show on Thursday evenings featuring music, news, sport, and a few odds and ends from a selected year in the last half-century.

I have always lived in or around the Watford area, am a keen follower of most sports and have been a devoted fan of Watford Football Club since the early sixties—I’ve now seen approximately two thousand matches. I have a wide and varied musical taste, but with a definite leaning towards the seventies and eighties.

As a presenter on hospital radio, you know that your audience might be quite small; therefore you must adopt an attitude that it doesn’t matter if only one person is listening—if it has brightened their day just a little bit, then it has been well worthwhile.

You may contact Martin using his email address: (Please click the three dots to reveal the address.)