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Having worked in the music industry for many years, I have acquired a comprehensive interest in popular music some of which dates back to the early fifties.

In about 2006 I visited a community radio station in the North of England where a friend works as a volunteer. I soon realised that playing records was a tiny part of what goes on in a radio station. As my friend said, presenting is the bit that people are inspired by but it is rather like the tip of an iceberg. The important stuff is what is going on out of sight and out of most people’s minds. At Radio Mount Vernon, we play patients’ requests two evenings every week and all of our volunteers are keen to visit wards where they chat with patients and collect their requests. Of course, presenting the shows is also crucial and I felt quite privileged when I was invited to start presenter training.

I joined Radio Mount Vernon in 2012.

For me, finding Radio Mount Vernon has turned out, personally, to be a bit of a stroke of luck whilst professionally it has led me to realise that there is a vast array of areas of work, within the radio station, in which there are many opportunities for learning and working.

You may contact Greg using his email address: (Please click the three dots to reveal the address.)