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When I retired just a few years ago, after 42 years in banking in the city, I was drawn towards voluntary work to keep me occupied.

One area that has always interested me is hospital radio as I have always enjoyed music and meeting people and this seemed a good option particularly as it is completely different to anything I have done before.

Mount Vernon is local to me and I was pleased to see on the hospital radio website they were looking for volunteers and when I started I was immediately struck by the friendliness and dedication of the members here.

I greatly enjoy collecting requests from the patients on Tuesday night and there is always a wide variety of music selected. We always enjoy a challenge to locate the more obscure music requested.

I have been helping Christine with her request show on Tuesday night and hope to have a few shows of my own in the near future starting on Tuesdays and also host my own show from 7 to 8 which I hope will keep you entertained with good music and competitions.

There are exciting plans for the future of the station which should hopefully increase our audience, and I look forward to being a part of it.

You may contact Bob using his email address: (Please click the three dots to reveal the address.)